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About Us

Our company has been founded in year 1983 as TEMEL YAPI in SAMSUN/Havza and is activating as the same. At the beginning our companies activity was producing mirror and glass for windows. Glass is prefered, cause the material is ecologic and recycliable. At the same time now a day at modern life style it is one of the most important material. TEMEL YAPI, today is also producing PVC profiles. AKRA PVC Profile Systems is within the TEMEL GROUP activation in 9.000 qm area.

From year 2008, while our company was producing with the conventional System double glass; we also were researching to produce more economic, practical, with less energy and better quality production system. As a result after so many years of Know-How activity, we have invented THERMOZONE and are happy and honored to serve the double glass section and market world wide with our genious result.

THERMOZONE, which is a trademark of AKRA is with you now...

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