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Thermozone is a high performance spacer system. It's a spacer for special and standart applications. With THERMOZONE, it's possible to isolate glass systems unites with only single material. Application and production with THERMOZONE, avoid the question marks of the clients of quality and color differences. You'll be able to produce and applicate more flexiable. It give you more possibilities and advantages at curved and uneven sided glasses.
Çift Cam

Single Solution For Double Glass

With the special design of THERMOZONE, the double glass achives a wonderful and modern appearance. With the adhesive surface, the double glass production can be made at a very clean and easy envoirement. The corners of the window glass will be smoth and clean.
Thermozone Çift Çam Faydaları

Features of THERMOZONE

Easy & Fast production possibility,No material waste at production,Less Employee & Less Qualified Employee inquiry,Possibility to produce double or triple Glass,The only solution for Modern Architecture Glass application at glasses beside rectangle,Stocking and storage advantage with compact high volume rolled rolls, The material is easy to Load & Transport,Isulates 50 % better then Aluminium Lath,


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thermozone Tanıtım Filmi download
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